Basic Rules of contract

For the category “Flyer Advertising”:

1: Standart: logo + Background chosen by the customer.

2: VIP: logo + photo/picture/drawing  (the customer. can choose its position) + possible background (In the case the image itself is not the background)

For the category "Banner":

1: Base: logo with or without special effect and the customer. can choose the colors. Whatever dimensions and resolutions (in dpi).  (Background chosen by the costumer) 

2: VIP: intermittent logo with or without special effect and colors as you like. Any dimension and resolution (in dpi).  

Attention: I’ll deliver to you a model in format .psd (single level) and in format .png (or other format single level chosen by the customer...) Eventually it’s possible (upon request) receive a printed copy about the elaborate by mail or fax.
Let it be clear that it’s always only one copy. We don’t deal with prints, but we only provide materiel that can be printed in a specialized center.

Relationship with the client

Recall also that for us the feedback from the customer are essential in order to provide a quality product that meets your needs.
Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time in case of discrepancies with what you requested.
You will receive as soon as possible a new model more in line with your wishes.

Obligation of the part of the customer

We are committed to providing the ordered material within the time specified by you and with all the changes that may be required during the process of creation.  The client undertakes, himself, however, to not require works in a period of less than 5 days, since that would not allow us to release a paper that meets our and, most importantly, your quality standards.
We try to always provide the best and deadlines too tight could prevent us from achieving this goal, of fundamental importance for us.

Conditions relating to the payment: is required the payment of the 15%  of the total amount at the time of the order. The rest will be paid upon delivery.

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